Your passions, your holiday

Holiday Styles

Holiday Styles

Your passions, your holiday

Be inspired about a holiday that’s perfect for you. A holiday that’s built around your many passions.  Here’s a selection of travel experiences to inspire your next getaway… Whether you’re after a relaxing break, a romantic trip for two, or are planning the adventure of a lifetime, we can take you wherever you want to go, however you’d like to go there.  

beach, paradise, island


Who doesn’t love a beach holiday? For many of us, a holiday without a beach isn’t a holiday. Discover popular destinations, Make an enquiry today

cruise ship


Whether you are looking for an epic voyage across the Atlantic or a scenic river cruise through winding waterways, Pure Luxury can tailor-make your perfect experience.



From the tropical islands of the Caribbean and the tranquil paradise of the Indian Ocean the options are endless with a range of luxury holidays and experiences



South Africa is the most popular safari destination. Enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime trip to this mysterious country full of wildlife and breathtaking scenery

aurora, aurora borealis, northern lights

Touring & Adventure

Whether you’re looking to explore the Inca trail in Peru, or set out on an African safari, we have you covered. All of the major bucket list experiences are accounted for



Villa living spells freedom and privacy. Choose an inland retreat, a beachfront sanctuary, a hilltop hideaway or a lux residence with cooks and butlers

thailand, mystery, buddhism


It’s enlightening, insightful, character building and sometimes life changing. From the food to the customs and architecture, getting a feel for another culture truly enriches your life

customer group


Group holiday is the best way to maximise your experience of a destination with a group of friends or likeminded travellers

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Weddings & Honeymoons

With the growing demand and choices offered in countries worldwide, weddings and honeymoons abroad are popular

Travel has the power to boost your health and wellbeing, fuelling personal growth and opening your mind to the world and the people in it. It’s enlightening, insightful, character building and sometimes life changing. Holidays are a chance to reconnect with the people we love, an opportunity to step away from our everyday lives, to relax and recharge. It’s not simply about ticking off the ‘bucket list’ or recounting all of the countries you’ve visited, but how travel impacts you as a person, your interactions with others and how you see the rest of the world.

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