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Destination Canada – Now is the time to visit

Whether you are drawn by the call of the wild and the mighty lakes, mountains and rivers of the wilderness, or by multifaceted, multicultural city life, Canada never, ever disappoints.

The world’s second largest country, Canada is the visit of a lifetime. Breath taking natural scenery, unique wildlife, and vibrant, eclectic cities make it the perfect destination for a life-enriching trip. With 5 distinct regions that can all be visited within one trip or broken down and explored in detail for shorter stays, there’s something to entice everyone. Although its scale is quite something Canada can be comfortably explored by air with Air Canada, or by rail with Via Rail.  A place where everyone longs to go – now is the time to visit Canada.

When to go?

Whilst Canada is a year round destination and climates vary from region to region, the shoulder seasons are a fantastic time of year to plan a trip. In late Spring and early Autumn temperatures are at their most comfortable for exploring the outdoors and wildlife viewing is at its best.


Central Canada – Ottawa – Toronto – Quebec – Niagara – Montreal

Home to the government and capital city, central Canada is the heart of the country. Here you can find bustling, diverse cities blended with magnificent natural beauty and national parks. From Toronto and Ottawa to French speaking Quebec, no visit to Canada is complete without a trip to this beautiful region.


Western Canada – Vancouver – Yukon – Moraine Lake – Whistler – The Rocky Mountains

A destination like no other, spectacular scenery and fantastic wildlife are the key attractions to this incredible corner of North America. Forests, rivers, lakes and wildlife make up a grandeur and beauty only appreciated by experience. In The Yukon the famously elusive Northern Lights can appear as soon as dark night skies begin to return – the stage is set for a show you’ll never forget.


Atlantic Canada – New Brunswick – Newfoundland & Labrador – Nova Scotia – Prince Edward Island

Quaint shorelines, scenic coastal villages with brightly coloured houses and a distinct mix of British, Scottish, Gaelic and French influences make up the region of Atlantic Canada. The first part of North America to be discovered by Europeans, this beautiful region holds much charm and history. In under six hours from the UK, fly into Halifax, Nova Scotia or St. John’s, Newfoundland & Labrador to start experiencing all the region’s offerings, including fresh seafood, breathtaking scenery, and abundant whales and wildlife.


Things to know before you go!

*Visitors may be required to apply for a Canada eTA visa to enter Canada which lasts up to 6 months

*Canada is made up of 10 provinces and three territories and spans 6 time zones – don’t expect to cover most of Canada in a short trip. Take your time to take in all the discoveries Canada has to offer

* The most important packing tip for Canada: bring layers! Weather can vary vastly from region to region and temperatures can plummet in mountainous regions

* Canada has two official languages! The majority of Canadians speak English as their first language, but French is the mother tongue of about 20% of the population.

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